Living Our Values

As parents, we often have a long list of goals we want to achieve for ourselves and our families. I used centre my goals around career, earnings, owning my own home, etc. However, goals are often influenced by external factors out of our control and can become unattainable. Something I have learned over the past couple of years is to instead live my values. 

Values are the principles that guide your decisions and actions. They are the fundamental beliefs that shape who you are and what your stand for. 

I used to be a very goal orientated person when it came to my career and my love of running. A couple of years ago though I suffered with a spate of ill health which meant I could not work, and I could not run. Suddenly, I could no longer achieve my goals. Shifting to a values-based mindset changed everything. 

Living according to our values means making choices that align to what matters most to us. For me, that meant spending time with my family, health, and community. I had a goal to go on a hike with my family, but my value was to spend time with them, so we started playing games every night before bed, creating special memories. I started making sure that I not only exercised regularly, but to also work on mindfulness daily. When I was well enough, I joined a community-based beginners running group. I went from feeling like a hermit to feeling fulfilled, surrounded with family and friends. 

Prioritising values over goals helps us appreciate what we have achieved and be present in the moment. Goals are always important, but nee to align with our values. With Hues, I bring not only my values of family, health, and community, but also honesty, sustainability, and inclusivity. 

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