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The Dad's Guide to Buying children’s Clothes: Navigating Style, Size, and Sanity

As a dad, navigating the world of children's clothing can sometimes feel like venturing into uncharted territory. Whether you're shopping for every day essentials for your children or on the hunt for an outfit for a special occasion, it is key to find the right balance between comfort, style and practically.

In this blog, we'll highlight some tricks and tips to help dads feel confident when tackling the task of purchasing clothes for their children.

Number 1: Know Their Preferences
Prior to hitting the stores or going online, take some time to understand your child's clothing preferences. Do they have a favorite colour? Do they have a particular style? Do they prefer certain fabrics? Make sure you Involve them in the decision-making process. Involving the children in this process can make shopping more enjoyable for both you and your little ones.

Number 2: Consider Comfort
Comfort is key! Children can often be picky when it comes to comfort and prefer certain fabrics. Quite often, sensory needs can play a part in their clothes. Make sure you look for soft, breathable fabrics. These fabrics  won't irritate their sensitive skin. Pay attention to small details, things that you may not think twice about, can cause various levels of discomfort for your child. Ensure you look at things like seams, tags, and waistbands to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the day.

Number 3: Invest in Versatility
When building your child's wardrobe, mix and matching items is vital. A capsule wardrobe is often associated with adults but works well for children. Capsule wardrobes give you the chance to create multiple outfits from a smaller wardrobe and also means you don’t have to worry about mis-matching sets.

This type of wardrobes simplifies the morning routine and makes getting dressed easier. It can save money, as you don’t need as many matching sets and can mix and match the items you have.

Keep it simple.  Go for basics such as solid coloured tops, neutral bottoms, and versatile layers that can transition between seasons. Be conscious of patterns as they are harder to pair up.

Number 4: Check Sizing Carefully
Children are constantly growing, so it's essential to check regularly if their clothing size has changed.

Understandably, it can be tempting to buy a size larger, allowing for growth and in the hope of saving a few pennies to get more wear from an item. However, larger sized clothes can be uncomfortable for your children and impractical. Remember that most will be wearing these items to play in, and oversized items can get caught or cause trips and slips.
Instead, opt for pieces that fit well with a little room to spare, but that won’t cause any obstructions.

Number 5: Embrace Online Shopping
For us busy dads, online shopping can be a game-changer. An opportunity to spend some time, searching stores without the rush of getting the children out of house on a weekend.
Many shops offer convenient online features like size guides, customer reviews, and easy returns. This makes it much simpler than ever before to find the best outfits for your children without having to leave the house.

Number 6: Prioritise Durability
Children are well known to be hard on their clothes. Whether they're climbing trees, playing in the mud, splashing in puddles, playing sports, or simply exploring the world and nature around them, strong and durable fabrics are a must.
Look for durable, high-quality fabrics that will withstand the roughness of childhood adventures.

Number 7: Don't Forget the Fun
While we have to focus on practicality. We must remember to inject some fun and personality into your child's wardrobe.

Whether it's a character tee, a floaty summer dress, or a patterned pair of socks, make sure your child's uniqueness and personality shine through.

Navigating the world of children's clothing as a dad doesn't have to be overwhelming. By keeping these tips in mind and approaching the process with patience and creativity, you can build a wardrobe that both you and your child will love. This is why we love HUES CLOTHING. Happy shopping!

Craig William’s - Owner or The Dad Social NE, Woodland Play Patch and Sagetech Machinery.

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